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Easy-Net Rope Conversion/Repair Kit

Make any Haynet an Easy- Net, takes mins so Easy

    Good as the real deal !!!!


What it does!

                Simple and easy to fit to any type of haynet
     Holds nets open making them fast and easy to fill
            Nets can be carried like shoulder bags leaving hands free for other things


     Makes nets quick and easy to hang, just clip no tying or knotting
            Stretch in rope allows nets to hang at a natural level for horses to eat from
    Rope draws net back up as it empties so no trailing nets
             Repairs good nets with broken ropes

    Give your net another life!

Rope for Net Size 34 to 38 inch

(plus P&P)

Rope for Net Size 38 to 42 inch

(plus P&P)

Rope for Net Size 44 to 48 inch

(plus P&P)