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Easy-Net Haynets

Easy-Net® Testimonials

Beverly Racecourse

Devils Horseman


Chris Bartle

Christine R



Yes they did thanks and I'm loving them. Will probably get another 2 in a couple of weeks time. They are easier to fill and also feel very safe in the stables. Great product. Will definitely recommend them.


They are easy to fill and hang. I give my horse 2 net a day, ( 10-11 kg of hay) and it keeps him busy for about 14 hours. He eats nicely and there is very little waste.


I used the first one last night – it’s brilliant, easy to fill (no more getting covered in hay)! & great this morning when I didn’t have any tight knots to try to undo. I’ll certainly be getting others from you, and recommend them to friends too!


Bought my easy net from Hooves in Birkenshaw. This Haynet is absolutely fantastic and made showing this week so much easier ;) I would recommend to anyone x

I first ordered these nets a few months back and initially thought they were not as described, HOWEVER I went on to order the 46 inch nets and having done so and worked out that you have to unfasten the elastic from both the large rings top and bottom have not looked back.
I have found putting a small amount in first then making sure the elastic rings are away from under the net filling is simple as i like to shake out the flaps of hay before putting in the net and even when I have put too much into the opening I am still able to find the net and push the loose hay into it without the net folding in on itself and me having to start again.
It makes life so much easier and the setting to carry the net is super. I am able to put on my shoulder and carry two nets to the stable with no effort.
A super product would be recommended.